These counting units were uniquely developed by Sesame Portastile to meet a specific special requirement. These galvanised units are particularly useful in providing a low obstruction entry/exit channel where accountability is still of paramount importance but large intense tidal type flows of people are anticipated.

Typically such instances were characterised by the end of an evenings entertainment where by large numbers of attendees will be leaving a site simultaneously such people might typically be returning from the arena to their offsite caravanning/camping accommodation but with a view to returning the following day.

If no such return is anticipated then large totally unimpeded exit points such as at football stadia would be provided as there is no need in that instance for a count to be taken however when large numbers of leavers are expected to return then those numbers to maintain the integrity of onsite totals must be recorded.

These Pods again can be used bidirectionally for example where a tidal flow of people exiting may be anticipated at the end of an event similarly an inflow of similar proportions might reasonably be expected the following day therefore the bi directional ability of the Pods is vital.

The Pods can be used to provide a manual count or linked to our telemetry system and can also be used either independently to form a separate stand alone entrance or form a part of a larger entry/exit point in conjunction with our other equipment.


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