Project Description

Here are just a few examples of the many and varied types of fraudulent abuses that can take place with serious financial implication for event organisers and promoters and how the utilisation of Sesame Portastiles equipment and systems can reduce or eliminate such abuses with an ensuing improvement of profits.

  • Cash/Payment taken where no ticket is issued but entrance is permitted.

  • Pre arranged agreements between stewards and third parties where plans have been made to allow people to enter with no official monies changing hands.

  • Illegal entries effected by means of forged tickets or wristbands. Where a higher number on our mechanical count than receipts recorded would indicate fraud has taken place.

  • Unauthorised transference from person to person of ink exit stamps outside the site to enable unauthorised entry. This abuse would be flagged up by a significantly higher number of returns than visitors who have passed out of the site.

  • Unofficial cash payments made to stewarding personnel to turn a blind eye to entrants with a subsequent significant loss of income and profitability.

The key solution to such problems is the deployment of counting equipment behind ticket sales, re-entry validations which will give a reliable, mechanical audit trail devoid of any human or manual inputs for example: if cash, ticket or re-entry token has been taken by staff members these numbers will be independently validated by the visitor passing through our equipment. In our experience the very presence of such equipment in itself acts as a deterrent to the various nefarious thefts and abuses. The deployment of such equipment could not only eliminate fraud and maximise profitability whilst at the same time contributing to the cost of employing a Sesame Portastile system thus making the whole exercise self financing and profit generating.