Sesame Portastile has recently augmented its range of equipment by the addition of stainless steel slim line half height tripod turnstiles. This has been done in response to customers looking to construct an entrance with a less industrial aspect than would be provided by our range of full height turnstiles but still providing the full range of counting ability.

These turnstiles, which are free standing and battery operated, are more suited to indoor locations than our larger heavier double turnstiles. For indoor applications these can be operated on a 240 volt electric supply which would facilitate more easily the incorporation of access control equipment such as RFID, fingerprint/facial recognition or QR codes.

The tripod turnstiles are available for hire with all the monitoring and accountability options of our other equipment and are totally compatible with our wireless networking facility. These turnstiles can be employed to facilitate bi-directional egress and are widely used in corporate hospitality, smaller restricted VIP areas and catering locations.

Our installation process of the half height turnstiles obviates the need for any drilling or other marking of the floor on which they are to mounted.