Our telemetry and software systems have been designed, developed and tested by us in house from scratch developed over many years to provide an integrated multi entrance entry/exit system in a variety of venues be they Greenfield or Indoors where no existing entry/exit infrastructure exists.

Each event, irrespective of numbers, will require a bespoke installation to successfully cope and manage visitor flow rates and aggregated totals. Our experienced team will be on hand to submit detailed submissions and costings upon request.

Each event, be it music festival, agricultural show, large conferences, hospitality areas attached to larger events present their own unique challenges with which we are familiar. The event may be high price ticket entry in which case revenue receipt protection is a priority ranging to large free entry events where by entry is not restricted by the number of tickets printed but it is essential to control entry numbers for safety and regulatory requirements.

The comprehensive monitoring package will include equipment at each entry/exit point which will be free standing and battery operated. Each individual piece of equipment, be it turnstiles, rapid egress pods or manual hand held radio counters will be fully networked to a central monitoring station thus providing real time constantly updating attendance numbers on a minute by minute basis. All the above data which is generated would be retrievable, post event if required, for detailed analysis of attendees and provide an invaluable source of information for planning of any future events. Said data would also prove invaluable in substantiating conformity to any licensing requirements.

Our systems are not necessarily designed to replace existing wrist banding or ticket screening arrangements rather they are designed to eliminate the element of human error be it accidental or fraudulent that can be effected using such methods.