F1 big front recording button police body camera

F1 big front recording button police body camera

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  • Ideal Body Camera for Citizens
  • Up to 1516p Recording
  • 32GB Storage
  • Small LCD Screen on Top
  • Up to 40M Photos
  • 140° Wide Angle Lens
  • Front Activation Record Button
  • EIS Stabiliser
  • G-Sensor
  • Wifi Connectivity
  • Voice Notifications
  • Infra-Red Nightvision
  • 3100mHA Long Life Battery
  • IP66 Rating
  • H.265 Encoding
  • White Label Body Camera
  • Includes dock, USB cable, 2 clips and charger
  • 12 Month Manufacturer‘s Warranty

3 in stock

Ideal Body Camera for Citizens
The Elog F1 is similar to the X3 and A21 in that it is a great body camera for citizens but lacks the prerequisite encryption and DEMS integration to be used as a professional security body camera. The Elog F1 is high spec with up to 1516p, takes up to 40M photos and has a decent 3100mHA battery. It also has some additional features on the other Elog models such as EIS stabilising, G-Sensor and GPS.

Additional Features over other Elog Models
The Elog F1 has Electronic Image Stabilisation technology that helps reduce shaky footage caused by constant small movements. It also has GPS which the A21 doesn’t be X3 does. Another interesting feature is the voice notifications where the camera will actually say what it is doing, charging, recording etc. This can also be turned off if you wish. It also has a g-sensor that can set the camera to automatically start recording when it undergoes significant g-force such as a fall or push. It also has wifi connectivity for use with Elog’s app.

Small LCD Screen on Top
The Elog F1 Body Camera does away with the large screen on the back as many professional cameras have recently. Instead, they opt for a small LCD screen on the top of the camera that is used for notifications and status updates. By not having a screen, the camera is lighter and loses a significant weak point as the screen tends to be the first part to go.

3100mHA Long Life Battery
The Elog F1 Body Camera has a rechargeable 3100mHA battery installed which allows for up to 8 hours of continuous recording at 1080p or 9.5 hours at 720p. A full charge takes approximately 4 – 4.5 hours.

140° Wide Lens Angle
As with most modern body cameras, the Elog F1 has a 140° camera angle which is more than enough to capture footage on either side of the user. 140° Lens Angle is considered the sweet spot between covering enough area and not distorting the footage, as is evidenced by its recent popularity.

Anti-Tamper Design
The Elog F1 has all its essential components sealed within the camera’s body. It does not have any removeable parts like a battery or SD card. As it does not have a screen, the only way to access the device settings is through the cam manager software which is password protected. This allows users to be safe in the knowledge that their device is unlikely to be tampered with.

Infra-red Night Vision
One of the reasons that the Elog F1 makes a great body camera for citizens is that it has both a CMOS sensor and infra-red lamps. This allows it to take footage in low-light conditions as well as near darkness using grey-scale.

White Label Body Camera
The Elog F1 is a white label camera which means that you may recognise it on other websites sold under the seller’s own brands. This is called white labelling and Elog cameras are widely used for these purposes. While the brands may differ, the devices themselves come from the same place and have the same functions. Specification may vary as well as what accessories come with each device.

What’s in the box?
The Elog F1 Body Camera comes with one camera, a charging dock, a USB cable, UK charger, a radio loop/epaulette clip, a crocodile clip and an instruction manual.

Manufactured in China
All of Elog’s cameras are manufactured out of their headquarters in China. They sell their products globally and have cameras deployed in dozens of countries.


Length 7.7cm
Width 5.6cm
Height 2.3cm
Weight 141g
Recording Resolutions 1516p/30fps, 1440p/30fps,1296p/30fps, 1080p 30/fps, 720p/30fps, 480p/30fps
Lens Angle 140°
Recording Time 8 Hours/1080p, 9.5 Hours/720p
Pre-Record 30 Seconds
Sensor 4M CMOS
Video Format MP4
Encoding H.265 / H.264
Photo Size 40M/30M/25M/20M/5M
Battery Size Built-In 3100mAh Battery
Charge Time Approx 4 Hours
Infrared Night Vision 10 Meters
Looped Recording Selectable
Password Protected Yes
Watermark User ID, Time and date Stamp, GPS
Encrypted No
Storage 32GB
Screen 0.96 Inch LCD on the Top
USB Cable Included Yes
Storage Temperature -20℃~60℃
Storage Humidity 15%~90%
Working Temperature -20℃~60℃
Connection USB 2.0
G-Sensor YES


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